About Us


From the creation in 2005, BUZZRACK has made its priority to bring consumers the safest racks at an affordable price, without forgetting the importance of a nice design and user friendly features.

We are using the KINGRACK factory, well known in this industry for supplying famous brands of racks. The KINGRACK team has a long time expertise in manufacturing and the development of products.


If you have a good bicycle, it probably comes from Taiwan. Why ? Because they have a very long experience in making the best bicycles in the world. Our factory is in Taiwan for the same reasons.


The majority of the fabrication process is made in our factory.

Our products are mainly made out of steel. The steel comes in under the shape of tubes, profiles, rolled or flat sheets.













It is then given a different shape using presses and bending machines.

Some of these newly made components will then be welded by robots.











The final stage before assembly, the most important one to protect your product for a longer life is the coating process. For this we use powder coating. The principle of this process is to cover the entire outside surface of the part with a hard skin made of plastic.

The piece of equipment required to perform this process is about 1/4 the size of our factory!
By controlling the finish of our parts, we can be sure our products will last longer during their lifetime.