1 bike trunck rack

Simple and intuitive design allows users to take the wheels on travels fast and conveniently with its compact size. Supplied “ready to go” with 4 straps for easy mounting.No adjustment of the arms required for the mounting.The unique design offers better fit to the vehicles as well as protection to the bike.

Max number of bikes
Max weight
XP R18-904-4 compliant
Light product
Type of trunk
Type of trunk
Type of trunk
Type of trunk
Distance between bars
European fit list available
Bigger distance between bike and car
Not for RV, Trailers or special vehicles

Technical Specifications

1 bike
Max Load
25KG / 55 LBS per bike
Main feature
4 straps only

Gear Detail

The BuzzRack Colibri is a robust rack that will carry one bike weighing up to 25kg and fits many cars. It attaches to the tailgate using four straps with foam pads on the rack protecting your bumper / tailgate. It’s been designed to give an increased distance between the bike and the car, so there’s much less chance of your bike coming in contact with the car.

Other great features of this easy-to-use rack include:

  • Weighs only 3.3kgs
  • Your bikes are held securely in place using anti-sway rubber cradles
  • An additional strap is provided to secure the bike and prevent movement, e.g. from the bike wheels
  • The cradles are lined with a soft rubber to protect your bike’s paintwork
  • The bottom hooks have a special rubber pad for added stability
  • Supplied fully assembled – ready to mount to your car without any adjustment to the arms
  • Folds flat for easy storage

The narrow arm design means most bike frames will fit securely onto this rack. This carrier has a distance of 32cm between the bike support arms. An ‘artificial cross bar’  will be required for bikes without a traditional cross bar, e.g. ladies and full-suspension bikes .

Please note that you cannot use rear fixing carriers on cars with rear spoilers, or on vehicles where modifications to the tailgate would have an effect on the fitting of the carrier.

The majority of cars require a lighting board (shown as an option below) and number plate when using this rack. Important fitting information: The bikes will obscure the lights on the back of this vehicle so you will also need a lighting board when using a boot mounting rack on this car. You will need to have a socket fitted for the lighting board to plug into. Depending on the position of your number plate you may also need a replacement number plate if this is also obscured.

Usefull Informations