Compact Tow Ball e-Bike Carrier

SCORPION LITE is without a doubt the best offer on the market today for an affordable folding carrier specifically designed for e-bikes.

It features a strong tow ball mounting system, user-friendly functions, heavy duty construction, great quality and great design.

Designed for e-bikes
Folding product
Weight up to 60 kg
Bike max weight
Allows trunk opening
Lock to tow ball
Lock bikes
For ISO 50mm tow ball
65 mm space between bumper and tow ball
13 pins round plug
XP R18-904-4 compliant
Not for RV, Trailers or special vehicles

Technical Specifications

3 bikes
Max weight per bike
Max load
Max tire size
50mm ISO tow ball
Lighting board plug type
13 pin
Bike carrier to tow ball lock
Bike carrier to bike lock

Gear Detail

SCORPION LITE 3 is a top choice for anyone who wants to carry 3 bikes, especially larger, heavier or electric ones. It’s a hugely versatile rack that can take a wide range of bikes. Whichever kind you have now or will have in the future, the Scorpion should be able to accommodate it.

Bike carriers that are strong enough for electric bikes tend to be pretty beefy themselves, so handling these heavier models can be awkward.  Weighing 22.5kg, the Scorpion is a solid carrier, but because it folds up it’s relatively easy to move about and to fit onto your car without straining your back: to place it over the tow ball, you’ll be standing right above it, not some distance behind it. You’ll also find that the E-Scorpion supports itself and does not fall to the ground when you let go of it. Tighten, lock, unfold – all parts click into place, including the number plate holder.

It’s particularly easy to tilt, with the tilt control just above the number plate. The lights have 5 functions – including a reversing light and a fog light if you have a 13 pin socket.


Other features and specifications:

  • Strong tow ball attachment : the most important point when choosing a bike rack is having a secure system to fix it to the car. Our “Buzz Conic System” has been developed and used since 2007, with over 1 million units produced. This simple system can secure 4 bikes to a simple 50mm diameter steel ball and pass all European certification requirements as well as the new ISO 11154.
  • Designed to carry e-bikes and heavy bikes: the distance between the bikes is large enough to eliminate interference between wide motors, hubs, pedals or forks. (30cm for Scorpion 2 – 22cm between first and second bike and 19cm between second and third bike for Scorpion 3)
  • Folding for easy storage : fold the wheel support tubes by pulling on the release button, turn the vertical clamp frame 90 degrees and slide it down and your rack will sit nicely supported on the ground.
  • Tilt down for tailgate access: you can gently tilt the platform by pulling the lever behind the license plate support or simply push the bottom of the license plate to operate the tilting mechanism.  Thanks to this well-balanced mechanism, you will not have to support the full weight of the bikes to tilt the rack, even with a full load.
  • Strong bike attachment: each bike is fixed using a locking clamp designed with a soft rubber pad to protect the frame. The clamp can fit a tube size from a diameter of 25mm to 60mm. In the 3 bike versions, the 3rd clamp can be removed using a simple clip and positioned onto the frame differently for an easier loading of the bike.
  • High upright sliding frame fit for all bikes: e-mountain bikes can be quite tall and the best way to hold a bike frame is at its highest point. Our frame slides vertically and is wide enough so the attachment clamps can be positioned perfectly to catch the bike frame. The adjustable frame also accommodates for step-through bikes, where the best possible attachment point will usually be the seat tube. In the PRO version, the frame shape will make this fitting even easier.
  • Large wheel support for tires up to 4” size: our wheel supports can hold any type of tires and they’re good looking too! They integrate a hook point to fix either a ramp or an antisway device that will prevent lateral movement of the front wheel. Both are available as accessories.
  • Strong ratchet straps and protective pads: the easiest way to fix the bike wheels is using ratchet straps. At BuzzRack we believe in simple systems; the easiest way to tighten the ratchet is to pull on it, it won’t jam from the dirt you can get in the back of your car. A protective rubber pad will help prevent scratches on your nice aluminum or carbon rims.
  • Locking: the clamps holding the bike frames and the tow ball attachment system can be locked with the same key.
  • Lights: this rack is supplied with standard 5 function lights and a 13 pin plug. Electrical adapters are available for those with 7 pin systems.
  • License plate: the rack comes equipped with a special removable support in which to slide European license plates. It is also available as a spare part for those who have several cars – and thus license plates – and want to easily switch the rack from one to the other.
  • Rack structure: the structure of this rack is made entirely out of steel. It has been designed to pass the latest international standard (ISO 11154), following our own internal tests. The coating provides high protection against corrosion and is UV resistant.
  • Protective cover: a protective cover hides and protect the mechanical functions of the rack from dirt and water and includes a 13 pin plug receiver to facilitate storage.
  • Safety strap:  all our products come with a strap for added security.
  • The wheel holders will accommodate larger wheelbases; up to 129.5cm.
  • Different styles of ramps are available separately.
  • The maximum permitted load you can carry is also determined by the tow bar nose weight; you will need to check you don’t exceed this before using any tow ball mounted bike carrier.
  • Requires 65mm clearance from center of tow ball to rear of vehicle.
  • Not suitable for trailers, campers, or RVs
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